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News & Events with Nitya @ Evolve Yoga & Meditation

 Upcoming events in 2023

Ayurveda Wisdom Series Workshops

Ayurveda and Health Digestion

Date: Saturday 14th October 2023

Time: 10am to 12pm

Where: Evolve Yoga and Meditation Studio 

25 Lincoln street, Forster

Cost: $65

Workshop description

Discover how the choices you make around food and the way we eat can impact our digestion. We all know now from modern science there is a proven link between the gut and the brain and how an unhealthy gut microbiome is linked to illness and disease.  In this workshop you will discover:

  • The secrets the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda (the science of life) have known for thousands of years about our digestion 

  • The importance of healthy digestion and its direct link to disease. 

  • The importance of Agni (digestive fire) and how fundamental it is for healthy longevity.

  • How different foods affect us depending on our individual constitution (dosha)

  • How to tailor and adapt your diet to suit you

  • Gain a clearer perspective on what and how you eat to best nourish your body and mind.


Ayurveda and Daily Routines Workshop 

Date: Saturday 12th August 2023

Time: 10am to 12pm

Where:  Forster Yoga Studio

Cost: $65

Workshop Description:

Want to learn easy and practical ways to achieve Good Health and Longevity?

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to attend a 2-hour Ayurvedic Workshop with Ayurvedic Consultant Nitya Robertson presenting this Ancient Wisdom of Self-Healing in a contemporary Western context. The Workshop will cover key areas to revitalize your unique constitution:

  • Learn to unlock your true health potential by incorporating tried and tested lifestyle regimes into your daily life.

  • How food and nutrition can be optimized to suit a unique dosha (constitution) to improve and maintain good health and longevity.

  • Demystify the ancient secrets of this Eastern Medicine and discover its powerful relevance for our lives today.

Please Note: Information guides of simple remedies and practices as well as a Full Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) are included.

Bookings Essential:

Via Forster Yoga Studio or call Nitya on 0411 309 678

What to Bring: Personal Notebook and Cushion

Ayurveda and the Doshas Workshop
Date: Saturday 10th June
Time: 10am to 12pm
Where: Forster Yoga Studio, 48 Wharf Street
Cost: $85.00 for non-members and $65.00 for members
Details: Thi
s 2 hour workshop will be a fun in-depth exploration of the doshas (individual constitution) based on the elements we were born with. We will look at how each individual is a unique make up of these elements, and what happens when these doshas are out of balance with some easy ways to bring them back into balance. When we are in harmony with our true nature,  we have more control over our health and wellbeing. There will be take home notes and a special Yoga Nidra. Book through Momence at Forster Yoga Studio or email Nitya on or call Nitya for more information on 0411 309 678

The Elements of Ayurveda - Workshop
Date: Thursday 13th April
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Where: Forster Yoga Studio, 48 Wharf Street
Cost: $85 for non-members and $65 for members 
of FYS

Details: In this workshop Nitya will take you through the 5 great elements (panchamahabhutas) in details and explain why it is important to have an understanding of these elements to gain a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you. The workshop will be interactive and fun with some take home information for you to explore further and include a very special Yoga Nidra (deep realxataion practice). This is the first of 4 Ayurveda workshops this year.  See more details on home page.
To book in contact Nitya on 0411 309 678 or email: or book through Eventbrite

Free talks

I am available to give free talks on the following modalities.
*Marma Point Therapy
*Yoga Therapy
On Monday 24th April I will be giving a free talk on Yoga Therapy at Forster Yoga Studio from 12.10pm. The talks run for 20 with time for questions after. I
f you know of any group that may be interested in hosting these talks please contact me to arrange a time.

Upcoming workshops
I am also excited to be offering a number of new events and workshops throughout 2023/24.
Commencing with "The Plant Based Food Series"  From these Workshops you will learn:

* Why Plant Based Food is so important
* How to create an Ideal Food Pantry
* How to become a Spice and Flavour Master
* How to Maximise the Benefits from your Food
* Simple and Scrumptious Recipes
As always interest will be keen and spaces will be limited, so please contact me as soon as you can by email or text so I can provide you with more information, dates and times. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
mobile: 0411 309 678

Nitya is now teaching Classic Yoga on Tuesdays at 9.30am and Stay Young Classes on Mondays at 11am at Forster Yoga Studio  and a over 55's Yoga Class at Tuncurry Memorial Hall at 9.30am on Thursdays mornings.
Nitya also offers Treatments such as: Yoga Therapy, Marma Point Therapy and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations at Forster Yoga Studio on Thursday afternoons between 1.30pm and 5.30pm.  As is available at other times by appointment.

To book into a Yoga Class, Workshop or Treatment please contact Nitya directly on 0411 309 678.

Previous events
Event :
Introduction to Mantra 
Date : Sunday 14th March
Time: 9.30am to 11.30am
Where: Forster Yoga Studio
Bring: Your Yoga stuff to be comfortable and your voice
Teacher: Nityadrashta
In this workshop Nitya will introduce you to the meaning of mantra and you will gain a greater understanding of how to chant sanskrit mantras and experience the benefits. You will learn to chant in sanskrit some simple Universal mantras and explore the effects of beeja mantras with focus on the chakras. It will be a fun exploration of sound and vibration.If you enjoy this workshop Nitya will be running a 4 week course starting in April on Monday nights
. Details below
4 Week Mantra Course
Dates: Monday 12th April to Monday 3rd May
Time: 6pm to 7pmWhere: Forster Yoga Studio
Bring: Yoga stuff and your voice
Teacher: Nityadrashta
Details:In this 4 week Mantra course Nitya will help and guide you to explore and delve deeper into the positive healing effects of chanting mantra. You will learn how to chant different mantras and their positive effects of healing the mind, reducing anxiety, awakening the intellect, improve breathing and the function of the nervous system and much more. Each class will also include some gentle stretches to enable comfort in seated pose and some pranayama and meditation.

Meditation Class
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