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Therapies & Treatments  

Nitya is offering a free 15 minute consultation by appointment to discuss which treatment plan is best for you. Also Nitya is available to give a free 20 -30 minute talk on any of these therapies. To book in please go to booking page or contact Nitya directly by calling 0411 309 678.

Yoga Therapy
Yoga Therapy offers a tailored treatment plan incorporating many aspects of Yoga, including breath work, relaxation techniques, meditation, mudra and much more to suit your individual needs (3 initial sessions recommended) ongoing follow up sessions assisting you to become an active participant in your health and lifestyle journey.

If you have any health issues and such as; chronic pain, digestive problems, anxiety, depression, insomnia, arthritis, menopausal issues, osteoporosis, diabetes etc. Yoga Therapy can assist you by introducing techniques and lifestyle changes that will help to relieve symptoms and guide you onto your own healing journey.

Yoga Therapy is perfect if you are new to Yoga or have an interest in developing you own personal practise and a higher awareness of your body needs and capabilities, which assists in maintaining good health throughout your life.

Yoga Therapy prices
Initial session 75 minutes $95.00.
Follow ups 1 hour $80 
30 minutes $50

Yoga Therapy Package
*Initial Yoga Therapy session plus 2 follow up sessions 30 minutes each,
*1 Marma Point Therapy 

*1 Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation (1 hour)
Total cost = $320.00 (normal cost $355.00)

Marma Point Therapy 
Marma Therapy is a highly-effective, non-invasive and deeply relaxing treatment that addresses many health and wellbeing issues such as:
* Stress and Anxiety
* Depression
* Low energy
* Lack of sleep
* Slow metabolism
* Ongoing pain or discomfort
* Generally feeling off balance
Marma Point Therapy use gentle pressure on specific marma points on the body, reactivating the body's energy centres. Marma's are centres of the body's vital force or prana.
A Marma Point Therapy Treatment is like a tune up or service for your body, to re-awaken any blocked energy, enlivening and re-acting your whole system. (3 sessions are recommended for optimum results)
Marma Point Therapy Prices
Initial Marma Therapy 75 minutes - $95
Follow up full Marma 1 hour - $80.00
Mini Marma 30 minutes - $50.00
Special for 3 sessions paid upfront after initial- $230.00

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation
Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga and works hand in hand with Yoga. Ayurveda views you as an individual with a unique constitution that reveals your personal traits and assists in the development of conscious lifestyle, work and diet choices.
Initial session - $95 1 hour (or as part of Yoga Therapy package)

Other Options for Treatment packages
* Yogic and Ayurvedic Diet Plans
*Plant-based Food Options
*Pantry Audits
*Home Cooking demonstrations/Workshops
*Food Shopping Trips
* Specialised Workshops and Retreats

Nitya is available by appointment working at her home studio or at Forster Yoga Studio or home visits. Also available online zoom please go to booking page or call Nitya on 0411 309 678.


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